Posted on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at 11:35 am by Diane

Q.  If you don’t mind me asking, how do you start your day Peter?

PV.  Well, coffee plays a big role in my morning routine, he says chuckling.  While I’m having coffee, I’m checking gold prices.

Q.  Gold prices?  Why?

PV.  It affects our business daily.  It also affects our clients.

Q.  Clients? How so?

PV.  The fluctuating gold market can have a significant impact on the appraised value of their jewellery collections.  The same is true for their diamonds and other gemstones. 

Q.  I see, so making sure all their jewellery information is up-to-date is important?

PV.  Absolutely, we’ve seen many clients over the past 20 years who had experienced a loss and their appraisal information was so old they were terribly under-insured.   As a matter of fact, keeping your appraisal information current will help you avoid being over insured as well.

Q.  How often should people have their appraisals reviewed then?

PV.  Every 5 years is the industry standard. 

Q.  Life is busy, how are we supposed to remember dates?

PV.  At Vandenbergs we invite you to bring in your items and your appraisals and we will check the accuracy for you.  At the same time, we can clean and inspect your jewellery to ensure your precious gems are secure in their settings.  

Q.  Do you have an appraiser you work closely with?

PV.  I work very closely with our appraiser….it’s me!

Q.  Can people who haven’t had an appraisal done before come in to see you?

PV.  Definitely. It’s as simple as calling our store to make an appointment.

Q.  Last question Peter, what’s your night time routine?

PV.  I’ll get back to you with that, he says with a smile.