Posted on Friday, June 1st, 2018 at 1:56 pm by Diane

We Winnipeggers are a hardy bunch… we are given some extreme temperatures to live in and still we soldier on.  As a jeweller, we see one very common occurrence that comes with extreme temperature changes… it’s how our clients’ rings fit!  Our hands react to these climate changes and some days rings can feel really constricting or very loose…. that is being Human! 

For most people, a “good fit” means comfortable a majority of the time.  There will never be a perfect fit 100% of the time.  Once you start to notice your ring is leaving a slight indentation on your finger…your ring is too tight.  Rings should go on with relative ease and come off with just a slight “tug” over the knuckle.  If it becomes necessary to apply creams, soaps or Windex (yes Windex does remove rings) it is time to definitely size your ring.

Fun Fact - 60% of the Human body is made up of water…. In heat we expand and in cold we shrink (well, we really don’t shrink it’s our blood vessels that constrict to help the body save energy.) 

Short term medical conditions, pregnancy or even allergies can cause rings to feel a bit tight. For these brief occasions, it may be best to remove the ring.  Be patient, this is NOT a time to size your ring.

Try not to wait until it is impossible to remove your ring!!  Cutting a ring off is not only hard on the ring it is very hard on the wearer.  However, we will always be here to help you if your ring needs to be cut off..

When you come to Vandenbergs to have your finger sized, we ask three very important questions.  The first is how wide is the ring you will be wearing?  Second what is the shape of the ring and third what hand will you be wearing it on?  The general rule is the wider the ring, the larger the size.  For example, a narrow 3mm band you might wear size 7.  In an 8 or 9mm band you might need size 9.   The size between your right and left hand can also vary. 

Rings should be removed at least annually for cleaning and inspection.  This check-up will allow your jeweller to guide whether a size adjustment should be discussed.  I guess the only way to get a perfect fit….visit the nearest tattoo shop!  Nah…what’s the fun in that!!