You Can’t Buy This at Vandenbergs!

Posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 at 4:11 pm by Diane

This is a phrase you might hear people saying when showing their latest creation from Vandenberg's Fine Jewellery.  What exactly does this mean?  Did they purchase the item at another jeweller?  The answer is simply NO...

For over 20 years, Peter and Esther Vandenberg have been designing and creating custom jewellery for their clientele.  An experience all would admit was a fun and pleasant one.  For those considering custom designing a special piece or taking something old and recreating it into something spectacular, here is how we go about making this happen for you...Let's begin shall we?

During our initial consultation you will find we will ask a lot of questions about the person for whom it is intended.  This is to ensure each ring, bracelet, earring or pendant will suit the recipient in every way. 

How will they be wearing it?

Everyday or special occasions?

Is the person very active or not?

What color of metal do they prefer?

If hot yoga is considered their extreme sport then practically any design style wll work...if conquering a rock wall is their way of relaxing, then we definitiely need to discuss design in much more detail!  Metal color is a big question!  Get this wrong and you've just created a piece that will live in a drawer...

While having a piece designed at Vandenbergs, you will be involved through every step.  Whether you are approving the initial design rendering, seeing the creation come to life through a wax carving or choosing personally every precious gem being used.  It's about your feeling of great joy in knowing you were instrumental in the creation from start to finish!

Next time...let's have some fun with how to choose the best gemstone.